Prepare Your Used Car for the Summer

It seems that the worst of the Winter weather is now over and with the first of the Spring flowers beginning to bloom, it might be time to think about preparing your used car for the warmer months. Getting an air conditioning service and pollen filter check will ensure not only that your comfortable driving around but also that your climate control is functioning efficiently.

Although manufacturers recommend a bi-annual air conditioning service, it is a good idea to book an annual one, as air-con systems can lose up to 50% of their efficiency over time. This not only means the heating and cooling of your cabin will be less effective but also increases fuel consumption, meaning you’ll be spending unnecessary money on petrol.

Another good reason to get this check is that air conditioning systems create moisture, which if left can become mouldy. Fungus and bacteria also build up, which give off an unpleasant, stale smell and can aggravate medical conditions such as asthma.

If you don’t have your pollen filter changed with your annual service, now’s the time to get it replaced. Not only will it reduce air pollutants that irritate allergies such as hayfever, but it also helps to reduce the build-up of deposits left in your air conditioning, helping that to function properly.

Furness Park offers air conditioning servicing and pollen filter checks as well as used cars in Cumbria. Contact us today to prepare your car for the Summer.