Used Cars to Display Efficiency Labels

Used cars are soon to feature colour coded labels that display their fuel efficiency. The introduction of the markers is thought to make it easier for used car buyers to assess the running costs of their chosen model.

Displayed on the labels will be the vehicle’s road tax band, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, similar to how it is shown on new cars. Rising fuel prices are increasingly making motorists aware of their vehicle’s running costs and this information will therefore prove useful when buyers are making purchasing decisions.

The scheme was created by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership and the used car dealers who have been approached by the Government regarding the idea have said they are willing to adopt it. The move is part of wider plans to increase the amount of information available to vehicle consumers when they are making purchases.

A Downing Street spokesman said the information currently displayed is no longer enough and that new labels would give used car buyers a more complete picture of the models they were considering.

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