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I recently had the unusual experience of purchasing 2 BMW X5 motor cars within 2 weeks! One from a BMW Dealer, one from Furness Park. Why? The first one was stolen just one week after we purchased it! So we have a comparison to share with you. Both vehicles were over 2 hours from home. Furness Park offered us a no-obligation overnight stay in a great hotel, on the edge of the Lake District. We made it an enjoyable day out - one journey, all sorted, a great experience. The BMW Dealer offered a pick-up at the Station on our second visit...just OK. When we arrived at Furness Park, the car we had come to view was in the showroom, immaculately turned out and we were shown around in comfort. At BMW, the car was out in the rain and not valeted, not so good. The personal service from both Grant and Alan were second to none. Although we lost the car we purchased from Furness; that is the service we will remember and will tell other people about. Thanks guys, a great job - best I've experienced.