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'There is not a category of service where I would award Furness Park less than 10 out of 10. You really have to experience their operation first hand to understand what I mean but perhaps I can try to explain.

I encountered their listing of a CLS63, which they had literally just taken delivery of, at 5pm on a Friday. Glenn and the team stayed late to send me the best photos they could even though the car was up on a ramp with its wheels in the post getting prepared.

I asked if I could come to see it on the Sunday even though it had no wheels on it. They took wheels from another matching vehicle and transferred them over so I could test drive the car.

When we arrived at Furness Park (200 miles each way) they brought the car into the showroom so we could look over it in the warmth and good lighting.

It was spotless. When I say spotless I mean totally spotless; inside, outside, under the bonnet, everywhere.

My mother was with us and they looked after her while we went for a test drive, talking to her, bringing her coffee and even going out to get her a paper.

Glenn was very respectful and negotiations were easy going. We bought the car that day for collection the following weekend when the wheels were back. Glenn and his father offered to put us all up in the local Abbey House Hotel the night before we collected the vehicle.

I don't know what I was expecting for a free overnight stay but it wasn't what we got. The hotel was fantastic, real luxury and the staff were excellent without exception. I know we were collecting a really special car but I wasn't expecting this kind of treatment.

When we arrived at Furness Park to collect the car it was prepared to the highest possible standard. The wheels were indistinguishable from new. While the wheels were off they had retouched the hubs and repainted the wheel nuts; yes, you heard me correctly. Glenn's father had done our cherished plate transfer in under a week and the new plates were already on the car.

Glenn had noticed that the pads were a bit low so they replaced them all round. We had already bought the car a week ago, none of this was necessary.

Everyone who has seen the car has asked me if it is brand new. I can't find a mark on it inside or out. 1000 miles in and I'm totally delighted.'

It may be a long way away but I suspect I'll be going back there for my next car.'