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I have not been on this site for a long time, I think I have just got used to the exceptionally high standards that this small family business produces, and have become complacent. In the face of the adversity of these times what they produce is exceptional. and I really would hope that many many visitors the this site read this testimonial. I am on to my 6th car from Furness Park and would not go anywhere else because I have absolutely no need. I have this time been given my forever car.I can't believe that once again the very high standards that is Furness park have been surpassed. I mentioned I wanted a red car, not just any car a red 3.4 GTS Porche 14 plate... the holy grail car... and guess what there it was:- 15,000 miles, guards red, fitter tighter and an absolute upgrade on my previous GTS Porche... I ask myself, how does Glen do it...I don't think I've ever been more happy with a car and I have to say I've been pretty happy with a few...This is not just Glen. from Amanda sorting the records Glens Dad sorting the registration documents not to mention Arron, Jack and Ben in the sales department... and of course I could not get through another years driving without the support of the after care team that have got me through the face of adversity so many times; Ellissa on the front desk and the mechanics led by Dan, that I have to say that nothing, is too much trouble to attend too..... I acknowledge this is a long message but it really does take a while to respond to all that is Furness park ... from the simple idea (in my case a red car please)to the delivery of one of the most exciting vehicles I have ever driven.... I do believe that those of you who have read this thus far may feel its long winded and excessive, I get that, give me a bell anytime and Ill gladly explain the experience I have had for the last ten years.... having a special car is nothing in comparison to how special this team make me feel ... I honestly can't thank you all enough. Long may it continue.one very happy customer.