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Firstly I need to say this is my third experience of car purchase from Furness Park.
Once again the Stoker family has provided a truly wonderful service. I spoke with Glen to say what I was looking for and after a short wait he produced the ultra low mileage example that I have come to expect from the fantastic Furness Park.team.
A few suggestions were made to alter the cars appearance slightly to which I gave the nod to go ahead.
Trusting the team at Furness Park was the right decision as they have produced a car with massive kerb appeal.
Ben and Jack kept me informed all through the process and invited me to collect the car this morning.
Jack met us at the door and took us forward to the car which was covered with a shroud, when he removed the shroud we were completely speechless at the high quality of the finished car.
Everything about Furness Park and the Stoker family is about prestige professionalism and quality, and with the boys joining the team I can't see me ever purchasing a car from anyone other than the team at Furness Park.