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BMW 740 M-sport x drive I chose Furnesspark cars for my next car after visiting the website for the first time and reading the reviews. They stood out massively from other garages selling high end low mileage quality cars with all the bells and whistles. I was looking for a series 7 BMW so I give them a call. From the moment I spoke to this person on the other end of the phone I instinctively knew he would look after me. He was Incredibly knowledgeable about the car I was looking for (and I know this may sound old fashioned )he had impeccable manners. They where six variations of the 7 series on the website at the time and all quite quickly had reserved for future delivery on them (that alone tells you something) but this guy true to his word would keep me in mind should he find a suitable car for me. within a week I received a call on a M-sport 740D X Drive complete with a spec to die for. Within these testing times were going through including logistical movement and delivery dates. This guy personality dealt with me. Reassuring me along the way about my cars quality and stage prep. We came across some teething problems along the way as you do when wanting perfection .But this guy again part of a family run business at the very Top of there game I may had wants to improve his service no matter what hurdle is put in his way he’s customer first driven. And works relentlessly to deliver in the background.That to me speaks volumes when choosing a garage to supply YOU with your new car. Buy with total confidence. From the Furnesspark family. In case your wondering who this guy is...? His name was Glenn. I’m overjoyed with my purchase and his kindness and generosity. I wish him and his family good health. Here’s to the next time . What a journey. Give them a call Trust me there top draw level these guys.