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Customer Testimonial - Julie Cotton - (May 2015)

'Following several weekends looking for a replacement for the company car that I was about to lose, and either enduring pushy salespeople, or despite making an appointment, left waiting for 40 minutes to see the only salesperson that the garage had in that weekend I decided enough was enough and I walked out of the dealership asking the salesman to phone me. He eventually phoned me four days later.

Fortunately I decided to call in at Furness Park Prestige and Sport on the way home and a gleaming storm white Nissan Qashqai caught my eye. I hesitated at the thought of dealing with yet another car salesman because of the mood that I was in but ventured in anyway. I was dealt with promptly and asked if I would like to take it for a test drive.

I fell in love with the car instantly. When I returned I was met by Grant who firstly apologised for not being available when I first went in as he was with another client, then asked what I thought about the car. We went into his office to discuss the purchase. When it transpired that the car that I had driven was a 1.2 petrol version I became concerned as I travel approximately 30,000 miles a year and I had wrongly assumed that the size of the car meant that it would have had a much larger engine. It had felt like a more powerful car. Grant explained the new type of engine and assured me that it would be fine.

As it was raining Grant arranged to have the car brought into the showroom so that I could have another look and take some photos. The car was dried off, and the floor around it dried off so that I wasn’t in danger of slipping. All this was done while I remained in the comfort of the office and was brought a delicious cup of coffee.

The quality of the service startled me. It was like having a beautiful dream where everybody is nice and friendly and wants to help you. You are made to feel like you are the most important person in the world. No hard sell, no gimmicks, no haggling required, just pure unadulterated exceptional customer service. It was exactly what I needed as I felt vulnerable as it was the first car that I had purchased for myself. My husband died 5 years ago and I was missing him being at my side, as with previous car purchases.

The following weekend I sent Grant a text message asking if I could have another drive. This time he told me to give it a good run and suggested a route of around 16 miles. Despite all this, I became concerned when I read various reports online that the petrol version shouldn’t be considered for the excessive miles that I cover and that it would struggle to keep up with other vehicles on the motorway. I called in to see Grant and he patiently reassured me that it would be fine and that he wouldn’t consider selling anyone a vehicle that wasn’t suitable for their needs.

The cheque that I was waiting for from the solicitor that was going to enable me to purchase the car was delayed and as my company car had been removed by this point I was promptly offered a courtesy car to put me on. The customer service once again was impeccable.

Since buying the car I have driven on motorways, rural roads, and urban roads. The all round cameras are a godsend. The car drives like a dream. It costs far less to run that the 1.7 diesel Astra that I had been driving.

I ‘m absolutely thrilled to bits with the car. Thrilled to bits with the customer service and I will never again consider purchasing a car from anywhere else. It is reassuring to know that I can book the car in for all the necessary servicing requirements and I look forward to a long and happy trading relationship with Furness Car Prestige and Sport.

My daughter’s car will be due for updating at the end of the year. No prizes for guessing who we will be going to when we’re ready.

Sincere regards,

Julie Cotton'